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  • the honor of having 96% customer satisfaction
  • the bestseller brand of the year (2016-2017)
  • order delivery within 48 hours to all cities
  • real diversity with more than 450 products
  • the most creative ideas in production
  • high quality products
  • free service
  • 36 months of post sales service
  • A 2-year guarantee for replacing the product without any conditions
  • accepting and producing different size orders in the limited time
  • equipped with automatic plating system along with approved salt spray test from razi metallurgy center
  • equipped with production lines of full-steel products
  • 24 hours receving orders via email, telegram&sms

MDF drip sink dishes

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Modern kitchen accessories

The advancement of technology and movement towards modern life has made the most useful use of the least important facilities. In addition to companies, factories, shops, offices and … residences, they decided to make the most of the use of the least resources and places. kitchens in domestic interiors are particularly important because women care […]

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  • 25 Aug 2019


Internal decoration plays an effective role in the house’s attractiveness. Kitchens are the most used place of any house and have a large effect on the beauty. They are the centers of houses, and their efficiency and appearance are very important. At the same time, cabinets are the main part of kitchens and draw everyone’s […]

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  • 25 Aug 2019

Cabinet Types based on Construction and Joining

Kitchen cabinets are made in two types: classic and modern. Classic cabinets are made of wood. They shine and provide a sense of warmness to your house. On the other hand, modern cabinets are very stylish and simple, making a modern space in the house. They are typically made of polymers, wood, metals, and plastics. […]